We want you to have a safe bike ride with your Hövding and with our warranty giving you total peace of mind.

To able to help you we need to know what has happened. Please fill out the form below as detailed as possible. Once we have received your information, we will contact you as soon as possible. A complaint is always made at the place of purchase, i.e. the company with which you, the consumer, have a contract. Please bring the product and receipt with you. In order to make a complaint about a product purchased from Hövding’s webshop, please complete our complaint form below.

Good to know

Each time Hövding is activated it automatically performs a self-test to make sure everything works properly and Hövding will signal via the sound signal if something is wrong. If Hövding detects an error that might affect its primary function, it will shut itself down and it will be not be possible to activate your Hövding. This is rare, and if it happens, we may want to have a look at your Hövding.

There is a safety margin built into Hövding for it not to miss an accident, this is because we would rather have Hövding register one accident too many than one too few. If your Hövding has deployed without an actual bike accident having occurred, we will – as part of Hövding’s warranty – replace it with a new, as long as you have used Hövding correctly and the incident happens within warranty time according to your receipt. We might also want to have a look at your Hövding to find out if the black box inside contains information that could be useful to us in our product development.

If you have been in an accident and fallen with your Hövding the below applies

  • Fill out the form below – if necessary, we will send you a return slip for you to use to send us your Hövding
  • Contact your insurance company and pay your excess – they will reimburse the cost of your Hövding
  • If you have purchased Hövding’s Security Package (at the moment only available in Sweden), contact Solid to refund your excess
  • Purchase a new Hövding in our online shop or through one of our dealers – and keep riding with the best protection for bicyclists on the market


Conduct of personal data

If you voluntarily state information about your health (bruised knee etc. also complies under health) in the Complaint Form, you agree to us handling your health information for production- and development purpose. We will only process information about your health with your consent.

Please note that we do not require you to state information regarding any injuries in complaint- or warranty claims, but if you do, it may be of great use for us and for further developments of future Hövdings.

Read more about how we treat personal data here.

Warranty Claim