As fall is slowly approaching, people are returning from summer holiday and time off to the rhythm of their everyday lives. In our part of the world the summer Scandinavian light is a fading memory, with sun is setting earlier and earlier each day.





Hövding recently introduced the next generation of airbags for urban cyclists that protect you when that unexpected thing that isn’t supposed to happen, happens. Our friends at Stutterheim aim to protect you from the outer demons which are synonymous with Scandinavian weather.


In celebration of the upcoming darker months, and in order to highlight the importance of safety and protection against accidents, darkness and weather for city cyclists, commuters and walkers during autumn and winter, we teamed up with the photographer Ion Komboikis Lancing to capture the art of staying discret whilst remaining visible in traffic, whether you are going by bike or on foot.


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Cover Hi-Vis

Hi-Vis is designed for maximum visibility day and night. It is made of a neon coloured fabric and at night the logo works like a reflex.

Cover Paisley

Paisley is designed to resemble a draped shawl made with Liberty Fabric. The inside is covered with soft fleece and the outside is decorated with reflective stripes.

Cover Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is made of hand-woven wool from Scotland with an inside of fleece. It is decorated with vegan leather details and equipped with oil-reflective stripes.