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Ny Hövding story
- Karolina Friberg

Hövding has over 200 000 users spread over a number of different countries and our airbag helmet has protected over 5000 people in bicycle accidents* so far. Karolina is a Hövding rider living in Sweden and she has shared her personal accident story with us. Read more about her story of how Hövding protected her.

*Bicycle accidents reported to Hövding.

Karolina Friberg was on her way home from work one Friday afternoon. Her and her colleague were biking together and doesn’t usually take the same route but decided to do so on this day. Suddenly, something happened. It was all happening very fast. Karolina remembered the first thing she registered was a high pitched ringing in her left ear. She was wondering what was happening and realized her Hövding had inflated and that she was laying on the ground. She had crashed in to the pavement.

My Hövding saved my skull. I was thankful for it (the Hövding) before but I’m even more thankful for it now. I’ve been in accidents before without a helmet and beaten my face, teeth and skull up intensely. Honestly, the Hövding saved me lots and lots of pain and complications and that’s why I’ll keep wearing it when biking. Always.


Did you in any way feel any discomfort when your Hövding inflated?
It inflated so fast that I had no time feeling any discomfort. The only thing I noticed was the loud noise it made from inflating. I also remember having trouble unzipping and getting it off, but that was most likely because I was in shock. But my friend and people on the street helped me with that.


Why do you think people are skeptical about wearing a helmet?
I don’t know, perhaps it’s about habit, and the old illusion of traditional helmets being too “ugly and doofy”. And I think people don’t think of the consequences of not wearing one, you know the “I know how to bike”-attitude. Thing is, sometimes it’s not your actions getting you in an accident, it can be external factors fucking you up. I wear one because I don’t trust other people, haha.


Would you recommend Hövding?
A thousand times yes. I wish it could be subsidized to all by the government.

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