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My Hövding story
- Dirk Reuter

Hövding has over 200 000 users spread over a number of different countries and our airbag helmet has protected over 5000 people in bicycle accidents* so far. Dirk is a Hövding rider living in Germany and he has shared his personal accident story with us. Read more about his story of how Hövding protected him.

*Bicycle accidents reported to Hövding.

– Why don’t you take your beautiful helmet, now that is cold outside?
– Well, I have bought the Hövding for the unrivaled safety it provides.

That day, I couldn’t know how right I was. Minutes later, a car which was blocking the cycling lane turned left and hit my bicycle. The Hövding opened before I was hitting the drivers’ door while my front wheel was diving under the car. The impact was so massive that my shoulder broke completely after crashing onto the tarmac. No scratch on face, neck or scull. A helmet couldn’t have done the trick in this multi-impact accident. Hövding simply saved my life.


Did you in any way feel any discomfort when your Hövding inflated?
Not at all! The Hövding inflated quickly and comfortably. My hi-viz-cap stayed put and its inflation sound was far gentler than a car‘s airbag inflating.


Why do you think people are skeptical about wearing a helmet?
It‘s a bit of laziness and well-wishing. The only guardian angel who is always there is your Hövding. If you‘re hit without seeing it coming, it‘s your last resort to survive without brain damage. In a multi-impact accident which is typical for a cyclist, a helmet won‘t survive the first impact. And only the Hövding avoids breaking your neck, too.


Would you recommend Hövding?
I actually do recommend the Hövding. Now that I’ve had a first-hand experience, ever more so: Simply the best investment in my life.

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