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My Hövding story
- Beat Wagner

Hövding has over 200 000 users spread over a number of different countries and our airbag helmet has protected over 5000 people in bicycle accidents* so far. Beat is a Hövding rider living in Zürich, Switzerland and he has shared his personal accident story with us.

*Bicycle accidents reported to Hövding.

I was riding my bicycle in a village near Zürich, at a speed of approximately 30 km/h, when I had to slow down ahead of a curve. The driver of the car that followed me realized that I was slowing down too late and didn´t keep his distance, so my bike was hit from behind. I fell backwards onto the street and hit the surface with my bottom, back and head. My Hövding inflated immediately. An X-ray of my skull and a computed tomography of my brain showed no injuries. Thanks to the Hövding, my head was protected from any serious injuries!


Did you feel any discomfort when your Hövding deployed?
Not at all, I just heard a small bang and thought it came from the car hitting my bike. It happened so fast that I was not aware that the bang came from the Hövding inflating. Once inflated it felt like a close-fitting hood.


Have you changed your cycling behavior after the accident?
I have always been a prudent and safety-conscious cyclist; therefore, I feel no need to change my cycling behavior. However, when driving my car, I am even more circumspect now when approaching a bicycle.


Why do you think some people are skeptical about wearing a bicycle helmet?
I used to wear a traditional helmet before I knew what Hövding was and I think one can reasonably be skeptical about the lesser protection a traditional helmet gives to the skull, the sides of the head and the neck.


Would you recommend Hövding?
I am convinced that my Hövding saved me from a skull fracture or at least a severe brain concussion and I very strongly recommend Hövding. I am impatiently waiting for my new Hövding 3 and will not go out cycling before it arrives.

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