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My Hövding story
- Anna

Hövding has over 300 000 users spread over a number of different countries and our airbag helmet has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents so far. Below are some of all the thousands of Hövding stories out there.

“It wasn´t until my head hit the ground that I realized that I was wearing my Hövding, it felt soft.”

I moved into the city centre one year ago when my children moved out. Then I bought an electric bike and after a few months, I sold the car since it was superfluous. Also, I thought about the negative environmental impact of cars. It was rainy, windy and quite cold when my accident occurred.


Did you feel any discomfort when your Hövding deployed?
Not at all, I just heard a small ”poff” but I didn´t understand what was happening. It wasn´t until my head hit the ground that I realized that I was wearing my Hövding, it felt soft. Two guys ran up to me in order to help me and asked me if I was okay. When they had made sure that I was okay, one of them said “cool, now I have got to see a Hövding in action, great gadget.


Have you changed your cycling behaviour after the accident?
I don´t think so, besides that I am aware that the surface might be slippery even though it´s not minus degrees.


Why do you think some people are sceptical about wearing a bicycle helmet?
I really don´t understand it, considering that you only have one head. In the past I did not use a bicycle helmet in the winter since I prioritized my thick cosy hat. The combination of a hat and a bicycle helmet works poorly in my opinion. With my Hövding, this is not a problem anymore!


Would you recommend Hövding?
Yes, any day of the week. My Hövding 3 is without doubt the best gadget I have ever bought. It is well worth the cost, considering that it is the safest protection you can have as a cyclist, and that you, with a cheap extra insurance, can get a brand new in case of an accident.

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