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Tech specs

All the technical details of the exterior and interior of the shell on Hövding 3.

Battery life

Hövding 3 has a battery life of up to 8 hours of active cycling, which for most people corresponds to a week of cycling.*

Rechargeble batteries are consumable components that gradually loses capacity. With time and use, battery life can therefore be shortened. A battery can never maintain the same performance as it does when new. Apart from age and the number of charge cycles, there are a number of variables that can affect battery life. They are:

  • Temperature. At low temperatures, all batteries have reduced capacity. Low temperatures can therefore temporarily shorten battery life. Even in the cold, Hövding will still warn you of a low battery life when one hour of battery life remains.
  • How often you cycle. A battery loses capacity even when the product is not used. If a Hövding is not used over a longer period of time, the battery may still lose capacity. Much like other batteries, Hövding needs to be maintained even during periods of rest – therefore battery health can be cared for by frequently charging the battery even when it is not being used. We recommend our customers to fully charge their Hövding every three months, regardless of the amount of use.
  • How you cycle. Hövding’s function is based on artificial intelligence applied to so-called machine learning. This means that Hövding’s algorithms are trained to recognize cyclists’ normal cycling patterns and react when something falls outside of them. For example, if you ride over a lot of curbs and uneven ground, the algorithms need to make more decisions about whether it’s an accident or not. The function consumes slightly more battery power, so the way you ride your bike can vary your battery life.
  • Software. We are constantly working to optimize the battery life in Hövding. So make sure to always install the latest software in your Hövding.
  • How often you charge. After the battery has undergone a number of complete charging cycles, the capacity and performance of the battery may decrease. Therefore, battery life also depends on how many charging cycles the battery has undergone.
  • Bluetooth®. Slightly more battery is required if Hövding is paired with mobile phones, due to the Bluetooth connection. Especially if the mobile phone loses and regains the connection with Hövding due to, for example, too long distances between the devices.


* Based on five days of commuting á 2*30 minutes per working day, and three hours of cycling during the weekend.

Battery care advice

  • Store Hövding in a dry and heated space when not in use.
  • Charge Hövding in a dry and heated area with the included charging cable.
  • Charge Hövding every three months – even when it is not being used.
  • Make sure you always have the latest software installed on your Hövding.

Charging time

Approximately 2 hours

Product type

Airbag for cyclists

Modell name

Hövding 3


800 gram



Bluetooth® (version)

Bluetooth® 5 BLE

Adjustable size

BOA® Fit System

Textile material collar

100% Polyamide, PU lamination for waterproofing membrane

Textile material basic cover

50% polyester, 50% polyamide

The box includes

Hövding 3
Basic cover
User manual

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