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The hardware

The hardware is the hearth of the product connecting the front, battery, speaker and squib which inflates the Hövding.

Battery & Charging

Battery for 15 hours of active cycling

Hövding is charged with a USB cable. Battery level is easy to check by using function button on collar. 2 hours of charging makes the battery last for 15 hours of active cycling.

The hardware house

200 times every second

The hardware houses the sensor that senses the movement of the collar, it will read the sensor data 200 times every second to check if an accident is ongoing.

When the hardware is active, it performs self-checks to always know that all vital parts are functioning normally.

The Capacitors

Hövding has two capacitors - just in case

The hardware has two big capacitors which deploys the airbag by releasing an uploaded current through the so-called Squib circuit. For safety reasons there are two capacitors, in case one would suffer a critical error. The capacitors are charged every time the Hövding is activated/switched on and discharged every time the Hövding is deactivated/switched off. This way the Hövding user can be 100% sure the Hövding will not inflate when de-activated.

The BLE chip

Smartphone connected

A BLE chip (Bluetooth Low Energy) mounted on the hardware card. A BLE chip was chosen for its highly power efficient setup that creates the possibility for many hours of safe bike riding.

Hövding uses one of the latest Bluetooth technologies, Bluetooth 5, to ensure the possibility to connect to both Android and Apple mobile phones.