How Hövding works

How Hövding tells the difference between cycling and accident

Sensors and algorithm

Thousands of tests were done, re-enacting cycling accidents using stunt riders and crash-test dummies, to collect the specific movement patterns of cyclists in accidents.

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Super protection


The airbag is designed like a hood and made in a one-piece woven polyamide that won’t rip when scraped against the ground.

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Magnetic solution

Activation system

The activation system is a magnetic solution that puts the Hövding in active mode when strap is inserted. When inserted a magnetic field is broken which activates the Hövding.

The heart of Hövding


The hardware is the heart of the product connecting the activation system, battery, speaker and squib which inflates the Hövding.

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The brain of Hövding


The firmware gives life to the product. It controls all parts and enables all functionality towards the user.

A safety-box

Rear casing

The rear casing is the housing that keeps the electronic card, speaker, battery and inflator in place. Its purpose is to protect the items inside from getting damaged during normal usage. Also act as a user interface with the function button, USB-C contact and LED indicator.

The USB connector is used for charging the Hövding. The connector is covered by a USB-lid which should protect the USB contact from damage during normal usage.

Easy everyday use


The collar is made of waterproof, functional fabric that provides the best possible protection for the built-in airbag system.

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Tutorial video

How to fit a cover onto Hövding

Smartphone connected


Hövding 3 provides a Bluetooth solution giving the user the possibility to pair the Hövding with an Android/Apple mobile device. The user can then through the mobile app check battery level, update firmware, check individual biking statistics and use the function ICE.

ICE is and emergency service that provides the user the possibility to add a contact that will be notified if Hövding inflates.

Guide to the Hövding app
The Hövding airbag helmet is CE marked after undergoing an extensive process for approval by Technical Research Institute of Sweden*

CE Marking

CE marking is required for a cycle helmet to be able to be sold in Europe and certifies that the helmet complies with the requirements laid down in the EU Directive for personal protective equipment. All types of helmets must provide protection for the head in the form of shock absorption and force distribution in an accident. Complete protection in the event of an accident and functioning during normal use are basic criteria for CE marking.

The helmet must also be designed to cause no unnecessary risks, meaning there must be no sharp edges et cetera which could injure the wearer. The environmental tolerance criteria for helmets dictate that they must be able to withstand moisture and work in heat and cold, and when subjected to the sun’s ultraviolet light.

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*present RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden