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Update device firmware (iPhone)

CAUTION! Only update your Hövding’s device firmware if you are having technical problems with the product. A failed update may render your Hövding unusable.

Hövding’s accident detection system is just as safe when running on older device firmware.


1. Check your Hövding’s connection

Make sure your Hövding is connected to Hövding App and that it is visible on the apps Home screen.
(If you are not already using Hövding App, see “Get started with Hövding App” on Android/iPhone)


2. Connect your Hövding to a charger

Connect your Hövding to an electrical outlet using the supplied USB cable (USB-C 2.0) and a USB adapter (5V, 1-2A is recommended).


3. Start the update

(3.1) Tap More ( ⋮ ) in the menu bar. Tap Service menu and then Update device firmware.
(Update Hövding App if the service menu is missing)


(3.2) Make sure you have time to set aside before continuing. Only if you have technical problems with your Hövding, enter PIN code 2464 and tap Continue.


(3.3) Read and before you tap Continue. Make sure your Hövding and phone are close together, then tick the confirmation box. Tap Continue and wait for the update to finish, then tap Done.
(If for some reason you are unable to start the update, reinstall the app and reconnect your Hövding – you must unplug the charger temporarily while reconnecting your Hövding to the app)

NOTE: Do not disconnect your Hövding from the app or phone if the update starts but fails – instead, try updating again. If you disconnect your Hövding before the update succeeds, it may become unusable.


4. Charge your Hövding

Leave your Hövding charging for at least 2 hours before unplugging and using it.

Last updated: 01/07/2022