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Update device firmware (iPhone)

Your Hövding’s device firmware occasionally needs to be updated to optimise performance. If an update is available, you will be prompted to update when you open Hövding App with your Hövding connected to it.

Hövding’s accident detection system is equally safe regardless of the firmware version.
(Depending on phone model and software, menus may differ slightly from the guide.)


1. Make sure your Hövding is charged

Your Hövding’s battery level needs to be above 50 % to start the update. Press the Function button for 1 second to check the battery level – the Back LED should shine steady green.

NOTE: If needed, charge your Hövding via an electrical outlet using the supplied USB cable (USB-C 2.0) and a USB adapter (5V, 1-2A is recommended) before you continue.


2. Start the update

(2.1) Make sure your Hövding is close to your phone during the update. Tap Start under the Hövding icon and then Continue. Tick the confirmation box and tap Start update.


(2.2) Wait for the update to complete, then tap Finish.

NOTE: The update might take several minutes. If the update started but seems to be stuck, wait for at least 10 minutes before cancelling.


If the update fails, your Hövding cannot be activated and used until it has been successfully updated.

NOTE: You will still be able to update your Hövding using the supplied USB cable and a Windows PC. Download the Hövding Update Utility and follow the included instructions. If you do not have access to a Windows PC, please contact your place of purchase or Hövding Support for further assistance.


Last updated: 17/10/2022