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Firmware upgrade fails (iPhone)

Hövding’s firmware must occasionally be upgraded to continue working with Hövding App. These upgrades are NOT necessary for Hövding to protect you when cycling. If you can’t get past the upgrade process, please follow the instructions below.

1. Connect Hövding to a charger

Connect Hövding to a wall socket using the included cable (or equivalent USB-C 2.0 cable) and an external USB-charger.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails

2. Start the upgrade

Make sure that Hövding is close to the phone during the upgrade process. Tap Upgrade, then tap Start upgrade. (The upgrade might take several minutes – if the update started but seems to be stuck, wait for 5 minutes before cancelling.)

NOTE: If the upgrade for any reason won’t start, or it gets stuck/fails midway – continue to step 3.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails

3. Reset Hövding’s connection

Disconnect Hövding from the charger and hold down Hövding’s Multifunction button for 3 seconds – a sound is played and the Back LED alternates between green and red. Wait for 1 minute, until the Back LED goes out – the connection has now reset.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails

4. Try upgrading again

Reconnect Hövding to the charger and tap Start upgrade. (Multiple attempts may be required.)

NOTE: Should the upgrade keep failing – try upgrading Hövding using another phone, if possible.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails

Last updated: 2020-12-02