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Update BLE firmware (Android)

Your Hövding’s BLE  firmware (Bluetooth) occasionally needs to be updated to improve the communication with your phone. When an update is available you will be prompted to update when you open Hövding App.

Hövding’s accident detection system is not affected by the BLE firmware.
(Depending on phone model and iOS version, menus may differ slightly from the guide)


1. Connect your Hövding to a charger

Connect your Hövding to an electrical outlet using the supplied USB cable (USB-C 2.0) and a USB adapter (5V, 1-2A is recommended).


2. Start the update

Make sure your Hövding is close to your phone during the update. Tap Update BLE firmware and then Start update. Wait for the update to finish, then tap Finish.

NOTE: The update might take several minutes – if the update started but seems to be stuck, wait for at least 5 minutes before cancelling. If the update will not start or gets stuck/fails midway – continue to step 3.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails


3. Reset your Hövding’s connection

Disconnect your Hövding from the charger. Press and hold your Hövding’s Function button for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode (a signal is emitted and the Back LED alternates between green and red). Wait for 1 minute, until the Back LED goes out – the connection has now been reset.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails


4. Start the update again

Reconnect your Hövding to the charger and tap Start update.

NOTE: Multiple attempts may be required. If the update keeps failing, try updating your Hövding via another phone if possible. Make sure you completely remove your Hövding from one phone before connecting it to another – for instructions, see Remove and reconnect Hövding.

Hövding App guide: Firmware update fails

Last updated: 16/06/2022