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Add ICE contacts (iPhone)

ICE – In Case of Emergency
If you’re ever in a bicycle accident, an SMS is sent to your ICE contacts two minutes after your Hövding’s airbag has inflated – the message also informs them where the accident took place. If the accident isn’t severe, you can open the app and stop the message from being sent.

Open Hövding App and tap My ICE contacts in the menu bar. Tap Learn More if you want to read about the ICE function, then tap Get Started.

Hövding App guide: Add ICE contacts

Tap Add ICE contact and choose who you want to add – an SMS will be sent to the person you add, letting them know that they’ve become your ICE contact. You can add up to five ICE contacts.

NOTE: For your ICE contacts to be notified in the event of an accident, Hövding App needs permissions to use some of your phone’s functions and must be open (or running in the background). For instructions, see Settings and permissions.

Hövding App guide: Add ICE contacts

Last updated: 2020-11-24