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Hövding has over 300 000 users spread over a number of different countries and our airbag helmet has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents so far. Below are some of all the thousands of Hövding stories out there.

On Monday afternoon 27th April 2020 I went for a bicycle ride with my sister to collect wild garlic. I decided to climb a steep path which was muddy. Halfway up I started to fall backwards into some moss-covered rocks. As I fell there was a huge bang inside my head, and I felt as if I had broken my skull. I quickly realized that it was the Hövding saving my life!

Hövding Stories

„As I fell there was a huge bang inside my head.“

Did you feel any discomfort when your Hövding deployed?
I felt no discomfort as my Hövding deployed. Despite my wearing hearing aids, the sound was acceptable.

Have you changed your cycling behaviour after the accident?
No, I have not changed my cycling behaviour after the accident.

Why do you think some people are sceptical about wearing a bicycle helmet?
I understand that some people are sceptical about wearing helmets, thinking that they will never be involved in an accident. Please always protect your head.

Would you recommend Hövding?
I would 100% recommend Hövding as it definitely saved me from serious injury.