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Experience an e-bike with the wind in your hair

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Do you cycle frequently but prefer not to when it is cold and windy? Or are you a confirmed car driver who has secretly always dreamed of life in the open when you see e-bike riders zipping past when you are in a traffic jam? Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and experience the freedom of an e-bike. You can read here about why we at Hövding think you should go out and find the best e-bike for you.

An e-bike is good for your health
Cycling is the perfect daily exercise, whether you use a standard bike or an e-bike. Of course, a standard bike requires a bit more strength and puff, but riding an e-bike still takes some effort. You still have to pedal and the physical exertion is roughly the same as a brisk walk, and you can adjust how much the motor helps you along. But above all, an e-bike means you cycle more frequently. Strong wind or extreme cold or heat is of less importance if you are on an e-bike. The electric motor takes care of the headwind all year round. When it’s cold, you don’t need to sweat in your warm winter clothes. And in the warmth of summer, you don’t need to exert yourself and can enjoy the cooling breeze.

With an e-bike, you avoid the crush on buses and trains and know exactly when you will arrive.

E-bike Hövding

Commuting is easy with an e-bike
The distance between home and work may seem too far for many people on a standard bike. With an e-bike it is no problem. You always have the wind behind you and the motor drives you up the hills. Over longer distances, it may mean that your journey takes a bit longer than it would by car. But this is offset by the reliability and punctuality. In a car, you can never be totally sure when you will arrive. Rush-hour traffic, jams and roadworks. There are endless uncertainties that affect your journey time, and thus your own stress levels. If you ride an e-bike you usually know exactly how long it takes from door to door, down to the last minute. If you travel by public transport, you face similar problems of accessibility and comfort. With an e-bike, however, you avoid the crush on buses and trains and know exactly when you will arrive. And you can easily glide past most of the traffic, although you still have to stop at red lights now and then.

Think of all the exhaust emissions you are not releasing and all the litres of petrol you are not using.

Pedal for the environment and save money
If you leave your car at home more often and use an e-bike instead, you are doing something good for the environment. Just think of all the exhaust emissions you are not releasing and all the litres of petrol you are not using (and therefore don’t have to pay for). Nor do you have to pay expensive parking charges or risk parking fines. If you travel by public transport regularly, you can save money on a bus pass. And you benefit everyone by helping reduce noise in the urban environment.

Hövding 3 - Airbag for urban cyclists

Safety is extremely important on an e-bike
With a good e-bike, you can easily cover long distances at 25 km/h. It may not sound much, but it is still a significant speed, and it is important to adapt your cycling accordingly. A cycle helmet is essential, and if you choose a Hövding you not only get the safest cycle helmet in the world. You can also feel the wind in your hair when the weather is warm. In the winter, a Hövding offers the advantage that you can wear a warm hat. So, if you ask us, more people should get an e-bike, try out a Hövding and enjoy their freedom! Read more about Hövding here!