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Notifies selected contacts in the event of an accident

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Hövding App ICE

The Hövding app offers an ICE
(In Case of Emergency) function.

Hövding App ICE

This permits a text message to be sent to a next-of-kin in the event of an accident involving the airbag inflation, including the coordinates of the accident site.

How Hövding works

Once your Hövding airbag has inflated, the app will automatically notify your selected ICE contact(s) after two minutes.

Hövding App ICE

You have the possibility to cancel the text message if the accident is not that severe and you don’t want to alarm your ICE-contact.

Hövding App ICE

You can have up to five ICE contacts in the Hövding app.

Hövding App ICE

Being an ICE contact means that you will receive a text message if the Hövding user has been involved in accident where the Hövding airbag has inflated. When someone selects you as their ICE contact you will get an initial confirmation message.