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How Barbro survived the bicycle accident with two buses

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My Hövding Story – Barbro

Barbro Linjer is a rebellious designer living in Malmö. She has been an active cyclist for many years – both in everyday life and in competitions. When she’s not pedaling around Europe, she competes against herself on the bike paths in her hometown. In Malmö, she always has her close friend with her: Hövding.

“Hövding is a natural part of me when I go out cycling.”

Hövding Stories

“Hövding is a natural part of me when I go out cycling. It has become like a close friend who is always with me. My head is the most important thing I have, and without a functioning head, everything else is useless,” she says. Since Hövding was launched, Barbro Linjer has been a faithful user. And over the years she has experienced its protection on a couple of occasions, she says:

“It has protected me from serious traffic injuries when I was not at all prepared and the accident happened.”

“Suddenly I was lying with the bike on top of me”
Earlier this spring, Barbro was crossing a busy crosswalk and ended up between two buses that suddenly came from different directions. When one of the buses also honked at a motorist, the stress factor increased and led to misjudging the distance to the curb. There was a bang and suddenly Barbro Linjer was on the ground.
– I was not at all prepared for what happened, I didn’t even have time to think. I heard the familiar sound of my Hövding inflating and then I was lying with the bike next to me. I am in good shape, but without Hövding I could have injured myself badly. My head would have hit the street and I could have broken my neck. My summer and maybe the rest of my life could have been miserable”, she says.

Shocked by her fellow cyclists
For Barbro Linjer, Hövding has become an everyday necessity and she would never go out on the road without her protective friend. Therefore, she is also surprised when she sees cyclists on the roads without any head protection.

“Traffic is very wild today, especially in Malmö where I live. I don’t think everyone knows the traffic rules. Therefore, I am also shocked when I see how many people ignore the helmet,” she says and concludes:

“You have to wear a helmet and Hövding is a product that really protects you. This has been proven to me. People sometimes come and ask what’s around my neck, and then I show them and explain. Okay, it may cost a bit, but what is more expensive? Well, that you hurt your head and lose your creativity and capacity.”

Today, Hövding has sold over half a million units and has protected thousands of cyclists in accidents.
One of them is creative Malmö resident Barbro Linjer.

Wherever your genius lies, we make sure it stays protected.