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– Holger

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After the accident, a few seconds pass before I realize in confusion what had happened.

It was a dark and early December morning. The roads and cycle paths had become icy from the rain, the newly fallen snow, and the freezing temperatures. I was on my way to high school on my bike wearing a hat, gloves and Hövding. Snowy slush and dirty water sprayed everywhere from the tires of the cars, and I could feel how the bike path felt uneven in places from the snow. In the midst of the lashing of the rain and the noise of the traffic, my bike tires lost grip and skidded. Before I am even aware that I am about to fall, there is a loud BANG! and suddenly I’m lying lengthwise along the cycle path. The explosion came from my Hövding, which had inflated and fixed my head and neck like a space suit – even before I hit the asphalt!

Hövding Stories

What thoughts went through your head during and after the accident?
While cycling, I thought there was some risk associated with cycling in the bad weather conditions and I also got off my bike several times. Especially the places where the asphalt was completely covered with snow. After the accident, a few seconds pass before I realize in confusion what had happened. In fact, I am thrilled and impressed that Hövding’s artificial intelligence registered the skid in such a short time. “This is one of the smartest inventions ever!” I thought. I was also happy and relieved that my Hövding had saved my head from a serious injury. The bloated Hövding sat tightly, but not uncomfortably, around the neck.

Has the accident meant any change in your cycling behavior?
When the weather conditions are bad, I will in future consider whether it is a good idea to cycle. One can easily come to overestimate one’s own abilities.

Will you continue cycling with Hövding in the future?
I will definitely ride with a Hövding again! It’s so nice that I can ride with a hat so as not to freeze my head and ears, without first having to fiddle with some straps on a traditional helmet to make it fit comfortably. And it’s easy to use and pack up in a bag, so you can take it around when you’re not cycling.

Hövding has over 400,000 users in more than fifteen countries. Our airbag has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents worldwide.

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