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My Hövding story
– Jill

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My first feeling was gratitude and love towards my mother who gave me and my sister each a Hövding two years ago.

It was a Monday morning, and I was on my way to the outdoor gym. I rode carefully because it had snowed during the night. In one turn I slid to one side while the bike remained stuck in the snow. Before I hit the ground, I heard a small bang and it was my Hövding that had blown up in a hundredth of a second. I just managed to receive with my right arm and leg before I landed on the ground. As I shakily got up to gather my things, I took off the Hövding and noticed that I was unharmed. I was so glad I had it on!

Hövding story

What thoughts went through your head during and after the accident?
It was both fast and slow at the same time. It was very quiet and very beautiful in the early morning. I had time to understand that I was going to fall, but I didn’t have time to get scared. It was only afterwards that I realized what could have happened if I hadn’t been wearing the helmet. Only later that evening did all the thoughts and realizations come and I was completely exhausted by emotion. My first feeling was probably gratitude and love towards my mother who gave me and my sister each a Hövding two years ago.

Has the accident meant any change in your cycling behavior? 
I’m still careful when I ride, but I’m definitely more aware that it’s easy to fall.

Will you continue cycling with Hövding in the future?
Yes of course! I’m also going to get my 16-year-old to start using Hövding. Maybe it will be a Christmas present…

Hövding has over 400,000 users in more than fifteen countries. Our airbag has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents worldwide.

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