Inflated Hövding

My Hövding story
– Vladimir

I was on my bike on the way home from work when an approaching cyclist suddenly appeared at an intersection. He was on the wrong side of the road, and he made no attempt to move aside.

I slowed down so we wouldn’t collide. As we passed each other, he turned and crashed into me. I lost balance, fell off my bike and injured my knee and elbow. Thankfully, my head was protected because the airbag inflated when I fell. I managed to get back on my feet, relieved to be free from any serious injuries. It felt safe that the ICE function had been activated as well in case I would have needed help.

Hövding Stories

Did you feel any discomfort when Hövding inflated?
Absolutely not. I heard a small bang, and my first thought was that my tyre had been punctured. I didn’t think of my Hövding at all. It was only after the accident, when I moved my head, that I noticed that the airbag had inflated.

Did you change your cycling behaviour after the accident?
Not particularly. I may be a little more careful in general, and I always slow down when I must pass other cyclists. Especially if they are riding on the wrong side of the road.

Why do you think some people don’t want to wear a bicycle helmet?
Because it is impractical, and in wintertime it’s uncomfortable to have a thicker cap under a helmet. With Hövding, it’s not a problem, and it provides better protection since the airbag covers both the head and neck.

Would you recommend Hövding to others?
Of course! I think Hövding (with the additional app) is great. It is easy to carry, provides very good protection and has an ICE function that makes you feel safe.

Hövding has over 400,000 users in more than fifteen countries. Our airbag has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents worldwide.

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