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My Hövding story
– Kathrin

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I was on my bike to meet a friend when a little boy on inlines suddenly came towards me on the bicycle path.

Even though we weren’t going fast, neither of us could hit the brake. We collided, but my Hövding registered the impact and was completely inflated before I hit the ground. Besides for some bruises, both me and the boy escaped serious injuries.

Hövding Stories

Did you feel any discomfort when Hövding inflated?
I got a little scared because it sounded louder than I had expected. The collar was a bit tight around the neck, but it wasn’t really a problem. My head and neck felt very well supported by the airbag.

Did you change your cycling behaviour after the accident?
I haven’t been on my bike since, but no. I won’t change my bicycling habits.

Why do you think some people don’t want to wear a bicycle helmet?
Some people probably think they don’t look good in a helmet. Others may believe that they won’t risk serious injuries in a bicycle accident because bicycles are slower than, for example, scooters.

Would you recommend Hövding to others?
Yes absolutely. I’ve already done that!

Hövding has over 400,000 users in more than fifteen countries. Our airbag has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents worldwide.

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