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My Hövding story
– Karolina

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Me and my colleague cycled home from work one Friday afternoon. Suddenly, something happened very fast.

A high ringtone in my left ear was the first thing I noticed, and then I realized that my Hövding had been inflated and that I was lying on the ground. Apparently, I had crashed into a curb and the airbag protected my head. I liked my Hövding before the accident, but now I like it even more. I have been in bicycle accidents before, without wearing a helmet. Then, I injured my face and broke my teeth and skull. Hövding saved me from lots of pain and complications. In the future, I will always use it when I ride my bike. Always!

Hövding Stories

Did you feel any discomfort when Hövding inflated?
It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react. The only thing I noticed was the loud noise from the inflation. Afterwards, it was a bit difficult to open the zipper and get the collar off, but it was probably due to the shock. My friend and some people in the street assisted me.

Why do you think some people don’t want to wear a bicycle helmet?
Maybe it’s about old habits? Many people consider conventional helmets to be ugly and quirky. It’s easy to forget the consequences of not wearing a helmet: the “I-can-surely-ride-a-bike” attitude is a bit dangerous. What you do yourself in traffic isn’t always the greatest danger. I don’t trust others, and that is why I wear Hövding.

Would you recommend Hövding to others?
Always. I wish the state would subsidise bicycle safety so that everyone could wear a Hövding.

Hövding has over 400,000 users in more than fifteen countries. Our airbag has protected thousands of people in bicycle accidents worldwide.

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